Scratching in a Band - Expand Your Opportunities By Kwote

Scratching In A Band – Expand Your Opportunities

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Scratching in a band is not common place. There are many instances of a turntablist performing with other turntablists. However, seeing a turntablist perform with guitarists, bassists, drummers and other types of musicians is a rarity. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with this, it is unfortunate in the fact that an art form as […]

Why Lacking Awareness of Your Progress Kills Motivation By Kwote

Why Lacking Awareness of Your Progress Kills Motivation

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When working to achieve your goals it is very common to think only of your goals as the mark of achievement. While there is some truth to this, if you only think in this manner, it will be very difficult for you to continue moving forward with your scratching. Particularly, if the goals you're working […]


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Members from the legendary Beat Junkie Crew (DJ Babu, DJ Rhetmattic and Mr. Choc.) talk with DJ Trexxx aka Yung Dean about the future of turntablism and how the internet generation has affected DJ’s. Dash Radio Exclusive. You can listen to the Beat Junkies’ station, “Beat Junkie Radio” on the Dash Radio app.