Discovering the Fire Within From Outside By Kwote

Discovering the Fire Within From Outside

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If you're going through a low moment right now or have in the past, I feel for you because we all do. I've been through many myself throughout all my years as a turntablist. These kinds of feelings are tough to navigate through and not naturally easy to break out of. However, there are many […]

If You Don't Breathe You May Choke - The Benefits of Silence By Kwote

If You Don’t Breathe You May Choke – The Benefits Of Silence

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Good phrasing in scratching is a lot like writing a good sentence. If done well it will contain all the necessary punctuation to get your point across. If you have a lot to say in one sentence, it helps to break things up by adding commas (or even parenthesis). Sometimes you may need to blatantly […]

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts – The Value Of A Party

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When nightlife is a way of life you tend to look at everything in regards to it in a much different light and have a very broad perspective to take into account when you go out. In my years of being on the front lines and the backside, it’s really interesting to break it all down […]