The Destruction of Progress - Save Yourself By Kwote

The Destruction Of Progress โ€“ Save Yourself

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Do you remember the first time you learned to ride a bike? Like most of us this was likely a very frustrating experience. Especially at the point when you fell on the pavement and felt the literal pain of your mistake. While I’m unaware of the exact thought going through your mind at that very […]


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Please join us as we commemorate our 25th anniversary & celebrate the opening of our very own DJ School & Training Facility the Beat Junkie Institute Of Sound! Come thru for a tour and learn more about our school and our upcoming semester starting in May! While your at it, enjoy a day of DJ […]

The Enemy of Stamina By Kwote

The Enemy of Stamina

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Have you ever set out to scratch for a few hours and ended your session much sooner than planned? Mentally, it seemed you were there. You had lots of scratches to work on and many ideas were flowing, yet physically you couldn’t persevere. You were likely pretty disappointed because your mind didn’t shut off, but […]