The hermano, 5x World Champion legend, Dj Craze put up a Youtube video yesterday of his latest Dj routine using Kanye West‘s “New Slaves”.  In this footage, Craze shows a perfect balance of using both traditional Dj skills & embracing new technology at the same time….this video shows that Craze still has the skills to pay the bills while able to be “current” in today’s Dj climate.

And from his own words: “This culture means the world to me and has blessed me with so much. I’m a b-boy at heart and this is my form of expression. I hope y’all paid attention to the message instead of the shots I fired! This is an artform that I feel doesn’t get the respect it deserves but as long as I’m breathing, I will do my best to bring you that heat!!! #realdjing”

Salute to our good friend Craze for always coming with it!