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December 18, 2014

Up Like Trump (Dirty)

Get On Your Knees Ft Ariana Grande (Dirty)

Feel Right (Dirty)

Warrior (BJS Intro) (Dirty)

At All

Rotation (Dirty)

Rotation (Clean)

Flying Saucer 5

December 17, 2014

Up Like Trump (Clean)

Beat Box (PLUV Intro EDIT)

Beatbox (DJ 7L Edit)

Triumph (Clean Intro)

Triumph (Dirty Intro)

We Can Freak It (Clean Intro)

We Can Freak It (Dirty Intro)

The One (Cyber Intro) (Clean)

December 16, 2014

Nabuma Rubberband (AIMES Rework)

I Want You (Kaytranada Edition)


Nothing Can Come Between Us (Pomo Edit)

Vulnerable (Pomo Remix)

Back 2 Life (Gigamesh Rework)

Get on Up

Drunk In Love (esta remix)


Am I Wrong (esta remix)

Emotions (LBCK Remix)

December 15, 2014

Right Here (Human Nature) Demo Mix (BJS EDIT)

Right Here, Human Nature (BJS Verse IN EDIT)

Happy (PLUV Intro EDIT)

December 14, 2014

Strictly Drums 9

Skipless Ahhhh Ahhhh

Stylus Breaks 6

Vinyl Separate Ver Ichiban A05

Skipless Rip The Kut

Borat Breaks 5

Tools Of Destruction 5

Noisy Breaks 6

Napolean Dynamite 6

Dialogue x Random Dos Part 5

Skratch Expendator Part 5

Fat Albert Breaks 12

Arcade Breaks 3

Skratch Expendator Part 6

Dialogue x Random Part 6

Brigante Breaks 6

Bikiniwax Breaks 7

Flying Saucer 3

Beats For Scratch From Ichiban 04

Peacefull Warrior Beat 5

Strictly Drums 20

Stylus Breaks 3

Doo Doo Breaks 5

December 13, 2014