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Once again we are back with another installment of “Watch The Sound”. This time we are blessed with some FUNKY cuts by DJ, producer & Musician, the homie, DJ Day. Make sure to check him out at | Filmed by @underkut | Peep our digital record pool and all things Beat Junkies at […]

Discovering the Fire Within From Outside By Kwote

Discovering the Fire Within From Outside

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If you're going through a low moment right now or have in the past, I feel for you because we all do. I've been through many myself throughout all my years as a turntablist. These kinds of feelings are tough to navigate through and not naturally easy to break out of. However, there are many […]

If You Don't Breathe You May Choke - The Benefits of Silence By Kwote

If You Don’t Breathe You May Choke – The Benefits Of Silence

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Good phrasing in scratching is a lot like writing a good sentence. If done well it will contain all the necessary punctuation to get your point across. If you have a lot to say in one sentence, it helps to break things up by adding commas (or even parenthesis). Sometimes you may need to blatantly […]